[Series 2A] Game 9 - VANDALISM

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These 'Choice' Discussion cards are game No. 9 centred on VANDALISM. It is a part of Series 2A CRIME PREVENTION of EGAR games. Vandalism is one of ten discussions in this Crime Prevention Series and is focused on the understanding young people have of unlawfully vandalising or causing criminal damage, to something belonging to someone else. This could be being reckless and destroying people's property or homes, damaging bus shelters, loitering and causing damage to cars, it questions why some young people want to destroy things and looks at causes of this behaviour, the buzz of it, being bored or hate motives that could be involved. Young people get the chance to discuss vandalism, what sadness it entails for people it happens to and the consequences of vandalising or causing criminal damage to something of great importance to someone else. These discussion cards are a good introductory tool to use for a themed piece of work you may be starting about this topic.



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ISBN - 9781907067181