[Series 2A] Game 5 - ANGER

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ANGER is EGAR's 'Choice' Discussion Cards No.5 of Series 2A in the CRIME PREVENTION series of ten discussions. This discussion encourages young people to communicate and make conversation in order to discuss 'Anger'. What anger means to them, their view of how and why it happens and the consequences of it happening. It explores the reasons why people get angry and how it is managed and how it feels if someone is angry with you. Learning about and managing this human emotion is openly spoken about, this game will inspire young people to think about their own 'Anger' management and self control. This discussion is a good introductory tool if you are doing a themed piece of work on this subject.


This Anger Card Set is now being used successfully in adult services i.e. Hospices and Counselling Services



1 Box with cover

1 Instruction Card

1 Question Card

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Card

1 Other Ideas for This Game Card

20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards


ISBN - 9781907067143

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Delivery weight: 250 g