[Series 2A] Game 1 - KNIFE CRIME CULTURE

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KNIFE CULTURE is Discussion Cards No. 1 and is a part of Series 2A of the CRIME PREVENTION series of EGAR discussions. This discussion will encourage young people NOT to carry or use knives and if they do to hand them in. It will support young people to communicate and discuss a teenage problem in society at this time. It explores why young people carry knives, reasons to do it and will deepen teenagers understanding of the harm that can come from carrying or using a knife. This game will challenge mindsets and attitudes around the Knife Culture that has developed for some of our young people. This discussion card set will complement the EGAR Billboard Message poster about Knife Culture. It will highlight support needed for young people.



1 Box with cover

1 Instruction Card

1 Question Card

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Card

1 Other Ideas for This Game Card

20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards



ISBN - 9781907067105