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This EGAR Billboard Message Poster is No. 5 of Set 5 from the ENVIRONMENT set of five Billboard posers. This poster is in the form of a newspaper billboard and has a clear concise headline that reads, 'Don't just cycle, Recycle'. This poster will raise awareness about young people 'recycling' things, in order not to waste anything and make proper use of all things that can be recycled. It will encourage young people to realise that we can all benefit from recycling things whether it be from our homes, at work or in our leisure time. When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products this in turn means we use less raw materials and less energy, we then conserve the Earth i.e. mining and forestry. This poster is good for display and discussion about the Environment. It is also a good introductory tool to use for a piece of themed work you may want to start about the Environment.

They are A3 in size. If preferred a quote can be arranged for you to have them bigger. EGAR has enlarged some to 60 x 40 inches. They are complementary to the many 'CHOICE' Discussion Card games and also to the 25 EGAR Graffiti Posters.

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