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EGAR Billboard Message Poster No. 2 of Set 5 is a part of the ENVIRONMENT set of five billboard posters. They are in the form of a Newspaper Billboard and have clear, strong messages on for young people to read and relate to. This poster reads 'Let's plant more trees and breathe with ease'. 'Be eco friiendly', 'Use eco products', 'Save on emissions'. This poster is ideal for display and discussion purposes in a school, youth club or a community centre. It is a good introduction tool to use about raising awareness of the environment and being eco friendly, the importance of trees on our health and also for teenagers to realise trees need to be planted and cared for as they add a visual beauty to the environment.

They are A3 in size. If preferred a quote can be arranged for you to have them bigger. EGAR has enlarged some to 60 x 40 inches. They are complementary to the many 'CHOICE' Discussion Card games and also to the 25 EGAR Graffiti Posters.

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