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This EGAR Billboard Message Poster is No.5 of Set 2 from the CRIME PREVENTION set of five posters. It is in the form of a Newspaper Billboard with a good headline that reads, 'YOUNG MAN, IS YOUR DOG YOUR BEST FRIEND OR YOUR LATEST STATUS SYMBOL?' This poster will encourage young men to think about their dog, their pet, as being just that, rather than just being shown as an asset that is fashionable and cool. There are 25 Billboard Message display posters for sale. Do take a look!

They are A3 in size. If preferred a quote can be arranged for you to have them bigger. EGAR has enlarged some to 60 x 40 inches. They are complementary to the many 'CHOICE' Discussion Card games and also to the 25 EGAR Graffiti Posters.

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