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BEING BULLIED is a popular and requested Let's Get Talking 'Choice' Discussion Card set No. 4 of Series 4A CITIZENSHIP. Anti Bullying is a high priortiy issue for staff teams and parents alike. This discussion gives victims of bullying a voice to talk through their problems and focus in on the bullying problems and issues, the card set can help the victims to stop the bullying through focused discussion, the cards will also help the victim stop the perpetrator, with ideas to use and learn from, aswell as a Tips and Information double card to help staff and parents to understand and work through the problems or seek support for the child and themselves. The card set can also be used as a part of themed school project work to raise awareness of Being Bullied!. Being Bullied contains two question cards and two sets of answer cards.



1 Box with cover

1 Instruction Card

2 Question Cards

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Card

1 Other Ideas for This Game Card

20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards (x2)

ISBN - 9781907067334


In memory of Izzy Dix, 14 - A young bullied victim.

They began to tell me that nobody wants me there.

They tell me to leave and that I am not wanted.

Not there, not anywhere, my heart, my head, my body, numb.

I feel pricks of stinging begin to pinch my eyes as cheeks begin to burn.

I walk quickly away from the chanting and laughing,

My vision, spinning, my heart, beginning to break.

I look down and walk, my eyes drowning in a sea of emotion.

Another piece of me chiselled away by their cruel remarks and perceptions. I give up.


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