[Series 2A] Game 6 - GANG CRIME CULTURE

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GANG CULTURE is EGAR's 'Choice' Discussion Cards set No. 6 of Series 2A CRIME PREVENTION and is a one of ten discussion card games produced in this series. This discussion is focused on Gang Culture and why young people join, form or belong to a gang. It is to be supervised by staff teams or parents and is an alternative 'talking tool' to tackle a problem with teenager's in our society today. There are many reasons why young people form gangs and this discussion will highlight those reasons and give young people choices to answer from. Underlying issues that may be associated with teenager's belonging to a gang could emerge and be worked on. The discussion could also prevent young people not in a gang from joining one or not to be peer pressured into joining one. The discussion will also focus on the consequences of doing so, which in turn will lead them down the right path instead of the wrong one!



1 Box with cover

1 Instruction Card

1 Question Card

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Card

1 Other Ideas for This Game Card

20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards


ISBN - 9781907067150

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Delivery weight: 250 g
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Delivery weight: 250 g

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