[Series 1A] Game 8 - HEALTHY EATING

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HEALTHY EATING is 'Choice' Discussion Card set No. 8 of the HEALTH Series 1A of ten EGAR discussions. 

This EGAR card set is a structured Award-Winning Let's Get Talking Choice Discussion card set centre on HEALTHY EATING.  They cards are great talking toolkits ideal for communicating an issue; they will enhance conversation and life skills.  They can be used as an additional tool for curriculum programmes or for recreational learning.  They will encourage young people to explore what Healthy Eating is and their understanding of it. It will highlight healthy foods and healthy diets and how important it is for this to be maintained to keep the body healthy. EGAR learning method offers vital communication and drills down, unpicks and challenges mindsets and attitudes that people have about what Healthy Eating is. In this card set is an 'Other Ideas Card' giving staff or parents other ways of using the cards and activities that cover the issue of Healthy Eating. 

The cards are a good introduction to healthy eating themed work and an alternative way to talk about this subject with children and teenagers, it stimulates minds to think about and eat healthy food.

They can be used on a one to one basis or within collaborated group learning.  They can also be used for counselling or coaching sessions or as an 'icebreaker' in corporate training.

They are all colour and number coded for easy identification and are a great support to parents facing adolescent challenges and often truths that are not connected to the issue emerge!


1 Box with Cover

1 Instruction Card


1 Question Card

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge Card

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Checklist Card

1 Other Ideas for this game Card

23 Smaller Answer cards


There are 21 'Choice' Discussion Cards sets along with 32 posters to complement the discussions for sale now!


ISBN - 9781907067075

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