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DEPRESSION is EGAR's 'Choice' Discussion Card set No.1 and is a part of Series 1A Health of EGAR Games. It is one of ten discussion games in this series and focuses on 'DEPRESSION'. The discussion cards explore young people's understanding of Depression, the causes, affects and feelings you get from it. These discussion cards encourage them to communicate and discuss their knowledge about it. Depression can often trigger deeper rooted problems especially in young people, it is important to cover and discuss areas of this nature, as 'truths' often emerge that may be hidden or covered up. In the light of the cluster of teenage suicides in Wales, depression is more likely to happen in a deprived area. These discussion cards could just highlight and support a young person going through a difficult time, if not it will support young people to have knowledge about the illness.


This Depression Card Set is now being used successfully in adult services i.e. Hospices and Counselling Services



1 Box with cover

1 Instruction Card

1 Question Card

1 Ground Rules Card

1 Customer Pledge

1 Parents Guide Card

1 Answer Card

1 Other Ideas for This Game Card

20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards


ISBN - 9781907067006

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