“When all other means of communication fail, try words.”


EGAR workshops are delivered in your school classrooms or youth club by highly qualified and hugely experienced children’s and youth development staff who are specially selected by EGAR for their understanding of the curriculum and the value of communication via intervention and prevention work.
The workshops are tailored to your schools needs, we help you, help children and young people, learn, engage, focus and talk about issues in their lives for them to realise their potential.

These workshops are entirely discussion based but have the use of introductory hard-hitting films, independently developed and produced by our experienced instructors. These are a modern, fresh and current dramatisations of real life scenarios, using voluntary young people from across London.



EGAR staff workshops are designed to engage the staff/teachers or youth workers in ways in which to expertly open up honest and deep discussions in group or one to one basis, using the discussion card sets. These staff workshops are an excellent choice if planning long term subject based work. We will give you the skills to create and actively bring alive your own session based on topics of your choice.

  • Award-winning EGAR
  • CRB Checked
  • Qualified SEAL/PSHE
  • 25 Years Experience
  • Expert instructors with experience



As a customer of our EGAR workshops, you can decide on the topic(s) you would like to cover. We offer 25 discussion sets, of which 10 are Health based, 10 are Crime based and 5 are Personal Development based (for the full list breakdown, please enquire

In Association with Every Choice Matters EGAR now offers film based introductions on 11 topics. These hard-hitting films are highly engaging dramatisations of each topic, you can decide on which of the films you would like to be shown to suit the needs of your workshop. (for full list of 25 topics and 11 films, please enquire via


Prices from just £75.00 per workshop, please conact us for further details or enquiries