Feedback & Evaluation


Current Rating:

4.0 out of 5.0 stars


We asked ‘In your view, what do you think your young people have learnt from this programme?’

St Mary’s Youth Club  Harriette Burt – Youth Worker

‘The young people learnt about the dangers of knife crime and the potential harm it could cause others. The exhibition highlighted key the effects and repercussions of knife crime.  They also learnt about dealing with anger and how to control it. Three young males who attended the exhibition called this experience “life changing” which I think is a great result overall. ‘

Caledonian Youth Project  Stephen Griffith - Youth Leader

  • Aware of the consequences of negative behaviour.
  • Understanding of the disruption caused through knife crime and violent behaviour.
  • Knowledge regarding what anger is and how it manifest.
  • Knowledge regarding the process of death.
  • Knowledge of the law and criminal justice system.

Kings Cross & Brunswick Youth Club  Muhammod Shofi – Senior Youth Worker

This programme is life changing for young people. We've worked with Let’s Get Talking and look forward to continued partnership to raise awareness to young people of devastating knife crime. Well done Sue & Team!

The young people have learned how to different ways of suppressing their anger and how anger can drastically effect someone’s character. They have learned and explore the wider impact of knife crime and most importantly they have learned how to talk about key issues amongst their peers.

Urban Hope   Joy Faulkner – Senior Youth Worker

The exhibition was a powerful and significant moment for the young people who attended. They were highly engaged with both the exhibition and the people facilitating their interactions with it. As a staff team it was exciting to have someone who was able to really relate to the young people and as a result of Tony’s session a few young people sought further support around issues related to anger.  Young people were allowed to share their thoughts on death and depression, and thought the discussion was managed well. Young people really thought about who they could trust and turn to in emergency and this session has laid the foundation for further work to be done.