Access to these programmes could make a significant impact to their young lives. If we can manage to prevent an individual from taking drugs, they will have much more potential to maximise their prospects and make valuable members of society, rather than becoming dependant on a substance. Being able to visually recognise drugs and understand their consequences and effects mean that the young people we educate will be able to make informed decisions relating to using drugs.

The group aspect of learning we provide will encourage young people to share their problems, worries and issues and therefore involve others in their lives and decisions, making strong communities with people taking a more responsible role in helping and supporting others and themselves. We hope that this will also have a multiplier effect on the communities and that the young people that experience our programmes will positively influence their friends and families lives.

An obvious consequence of young people being prevented from taking drugs will be a more active and healthy lifestyle. Drugs can have a negative impact on an individual’s health and body and could prevent them from leading an active and healthy way of life. We also believe that as a result of more active and healthy young people this could lead to uptake in group exercise, whether that be competitive sports or social recreational activities due to the fact that the young people we may prevent from using drugs could create teams and exercise activities in the local area.