EGAR: Company Profile
Founded by Sue Scott-Horne in 2008, EGAR Educational Games And Resources is an Award Winning, small socially driven family business dedicated to developing and producing innovative and effective educational games and resources to assist teachers, youth workers, mentors and parents to communicate productively with teenagers and young people.

Developed with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Every Child Matters (ECM) programmes in mind, and drawing upon Sue’s extensive experience of working with Inner City teenagers and young people, EGAR is founded on the simple but powerful educational principle: get young people talking about the issues that matter.

At its most basic, EGAR provides clear, easy to use 'talking tools' with the aim of getting teenagers and young people around a table rather than the usual computer screens and mobile phones; talking in groups or in one to one sessions about the issues which really matter in their lives and, through the supervised discussions, gaining invaluable skills and advice for their personal growth and development.

All of the educational CHOICE 'talking tool' discussion cards and posters have been developed and trialed in association with Youth Projects, schools and teenagers to assure their usability and value. The combination of CHOICE Discussion Cards, Billboard Message Posters and Graffiti, Street Art Posters prove a compelling tool kit for teachers and youth workers to get teenagers and young people exploring important issues in a supervised, non judgmental and welcoming environment.

EGAR products are recommended for use in Schools, Youth Projects, Connexions Services, and Counselling Services or in a domestic situation, in fact anywhere teenagers spend their time. They can also be used as an introduction to a themed piece of work or for training purposes.



CHOICE Discussion Cards: Series 1A Health (featuring ten sets of discussion cards covering health related topics) and Series 2A Crime Prevention (featuring ten sets of discussion cards related to crime prevention topics) are now on sale. Series 3 - 5 are currently in production. Each pack costs £20.00

Billboard Message Posters: From £2.50

Graffiti Posters: From £3.00

Sue Scott-Horne Biography

Islington born Sue Scott-Horne is a mother of four and a grandmother of five; hailing from a well known large Islington based family.

Sue started out in education some twenty five years ago working in Islington Youth Service as a youth worker of social education, a life skills subject, covering topics including: Identity, Drugs Awareness, Smoking, Interview Skills, Presenting Yourself and working with local gangs around Self Responsibility, Making Decisions and Consequences. Sue has also worked in Children’s Care Homes as a residential care worker. Throughout her successful career she has taught focused, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions at several Islington schools including Mount Carmel Girls, St. Aloysius, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

In addition Sue has been Tutor in Charge at Holloway Youth Centre, Battlebridge Youth Centre, and a Youth Worker in Charge in various inner city Youth clubs - focusing on curriculum development programmes for young people. In her post of Deputy Head PSHE she supported many youth projects and clubs in Islington with their curriculum programmes.

As a consultant for the Islington Educational department Sue helped to develop pioneering life skills curriculum programmes. The success of these programmes led to the department receiving visiting staff from across the UK, all keen to learn the proven techniques. Sue holds a “25 Years” Long Service Award and was Commended by the department for her innovative work and commitment to children and young people.

In 2002 Sue sustained a severe ankle injury that forced her into early retirement.

During the recuperation period Sue became increasingly concerned by the youth-on-youth murders of Damilola Taylor, Martin Dinnegan, and Ben Kinsella. Using her experience of dealing with London teenagers, Sue began to scribble, devising an educational game that would open up channels of communication between teens and their teachers, youth workers, mentors, or parents.

After reading an article about a woman who had been made redundant and subsequently redirected her life by attending 'Forward at 50', a short business course for women over 50 years old at the London Metropolitan University, Sue enrolled on the programme in 2007. The course provided the building blocks necessary for her to put her simple but revolutionary educational tool into practice, in due course becoming EGAR Educational Games And Resources.

In 2007, Sue who is a member of British Association of Women Entrepreneurs BAWE was one of six women from BAWE and the Forward at 50 course who were invited to pitch a business idea to Dragon's Den star and leading UK businessman Peter Jones. His positive response to the pitch gave Sue confidence and encouraged her to move further forward with her idea.

Sue's company, EGAR Educational Games And Resources, was launched in 2008.

In March 2008 Sue Scott-Horne received a “Special Recognition” by the British Female Inventors and Innovators of the Year Awards (BFIIN). In the same year she reached National Finalist in the Blackberry Women & Technology Awards, Public Sector and Academia, for which she is now an ambassador. Sue was invited in 2009 to the MOD's Youth Conference to showcase her products and also to the House of Lords for the London Youth Crime Prevention Boards Safer London Report launch with whom she had been communicating. EGAR's journey has now taken Sue to the top of City Hall to meet the London Assembly to talk about youth issues and women entrepreneurs.

Sue Scott-Horne genuinely cares about, and is an expert in, dealing with teens and young adults. Her warm, articulate, and no-nonsense approach encourages essential communication, which helps lead to the solving of the causes behind anti-social behaviour.



Do you want to get young people talking?

If you work with children and young people, EGAR Educational Games and Resources can make your life easier.

Starting conversations – Let’s Get Talking!       

Exploring issues like addiction, knife crime and anger with a group of streetwise London teenagers can be tricky.

It’s difficult to keep their attention and to get them talking openly and honestly about their feelings.

Richard Frankland, Prospex Youth Services Manager in Islington, says using EGAR choice discussion cards gets the young people he works with talking, helping him and his team figure out their needs. Some are the main carers at home, others are looking after themselves and a few are drug users.

Powerful tools

“Rarely do I come across resources that I want to shout about but this is one of them. These games are simple, to the point and allow workers to open up conversations with young people in a way which doesn’t leave them feeling threatened. All the groups I tried them with wanted more.”

Richard is equally enthused about EGAR posters, which contain strong messages on everything from carrying knives to climate change.

“It’s great to see posters that are not cheesy,” he says. “They’re incredibly simple but very powerful resources. I’d definitely recommend them if you work with children and young people.”

Who we are

EGAR produces educational ‘Choice discussion card sets and posters which get young people talking about crucial issues. Health, Crime prevention, Personal Development, Citizenship and the Environment.

Paul Canoville, ex Chelsea FC footballer, now a youth worker and teaching assistant says,

“I’m impressed by the EGAR ‘Choice’ Discussion Cards and Posters. I work with 11 to 20 year olds in an area of London where kids are under peer pressure to carry knives. They don’t like what’s going on but can be easily led and don’t think about their actions. The cards get them thinking about the consequences of what they do. I was shocked how much they opened up – it’s like planting a pea in their head; they’re more aware and start to grow. They should be used in every secondary school.”

What we do

Save staff precious time and getting young people to talk.

Two big challenges teachers, youth workers and parents face.

EGAR can help you with both.

We produce resources that help start conversations:

1. “Choice” Discussion Card Sets. Our 50 card sets cover everything from hoodies to love, anger to hygiene. Each game contains six large instruction cards and a smaller set of answers cards with different words on them related to the subject under discussion. So for addiction, one card might be “alcohol”, another “drugs” and another “consequence”.

These cards aren’t simply a discussion tool but can actually help change young people’s mindsets and attitudes through the learning thread that runs throughout, this in turn gives young people confidence and the chance to make better informed choices about the decisions in their lives!  They also tie in with learning for life skills, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) as well as Every Child Matters.

2. Posters. We have 25 posters in the style of newspaper billboards which relate to our card set topics and an expanding range of graffiti-designed posters. Both have strong messages to motivate young people.

Why we do it

In 2008, 30 young people lost their lives to knife crime in London alone.

Hospitals in London are hit by more than 20,000 violent incidents a year, hundreds of which involve knives.

At the same time, many youth clubs, centres and projects have closed.

Young people need to talk, but who to? EGAR helps youth workers, teachers, mentors, parents/carers to start conversations with young people about important issues – those we need to be talking to our children and young people about.

How to get in touch

Do have a look at our website to find out more about what we do:

Or drop us a line: call 0844 800 3056 or email:

Mission Statement:

Our aim at EGAR, Educational Games And Resources, is to provide innovative and interesting resources which can benefit the lives of young people everywhere. We will maintain a great range and selection of resources that can be used for different situations and in different environments, to help communicate feelings, worries and emotions in order for the individual/s to gain life skills, in personal development and self responsibility, so that they can reach their aspirations and potential and become valued citizens of society. Our resources will subtly highlight needs of support for the parents/teachers/youth workers working with an individual or group of young people.

Quality Management Statement:

Our aim at EGAR, Educational Games And Resources is to treat all customers with respect by supplying quality products that enhance the lives of all those who use them. We aspire to keep our product’s quality to the utmost standard, by making sure we are aware of the best materials that are available to develop and produce our educative resources. They have been made to withstand usual wear and tear and therefore can be used with learning in mind rather than unnecessary caution.