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This unique colouring in poster is a good introduction to anti knife crime prevention work.  It can be used as a part of themed work or just as a one off piece of work.  The poster sits with the blade downwards; young people colour in and find the hidden words which are ‘Friends and Consequences’.  You can trigger your own ideas to use for the young people i.e. find the fish, find the birds, find the faces, whilst keeping in mind the knife represents stabbings and devastation for all concerned.

You could also have a competition with small groups working on it, have a Captain who can feedback their thoughts and what they found interesting or learnt about it.  They can also write their own messages on the knife.

 This art poster was created and donated to Let’s Get Talking Charity www.letsgettalking.org by Mike Harman an artist dedicated to support charities and stop knife crime.

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42 - 42 of 42 results