Staff & Management

Staff & Management




Sue Scott-Horne Founder of Let's Get Talking

Sue started out in education some twenty five years ago working in Islington Youth Service as a youth worker of social education, a life skills subject, covering topics including: Identity, Drugs Awareness, Smoking, Interview Skills, Presenting Yourself and working with local gangs around Self Responsibility, Making Decisions and Consequences. Sue has also worked in Children’s Care Homes as a residential care worker. Throughout her successful career she has taught focused, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions at several Islington schools including Mount Carmel Girls, St. Aloysius, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

In addition Sue has been Tutor in Charge at Holloway Youth Centre, Battlebridge Youth Centre, and a Youth Worker in Charge in various inner city Youth clubs - focusing on curriculum development programmes for young people. In her post of Deputy Head PSHE she supported many youth projects and clubs in Islington with their curriculum programmes.

Ann Rennie Trustee (Strategy & Project Planning)

As a trained project manager, Ann brings her experience and rigour to create new processes and analysis and improvement of existing business processes and systems to deliver efficiency alongside improved internal and external customer experience.

Her real passion is developing people and this has led her in the last 3 years to move into coaching and mentoring business owners and managers to change the results they get by transforming their thinking. She holds a certificate in coaching and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

She works 1:1 or in groups and works with encouraging action and accountability until the outcome is achieved.

Hilary Farnworth Trustee

Hilary Farnworth has a 30 year career where education and training has been the underlying theme. She is on her 6th career as a portfolio worker, providing mentoring to start up social enterprises and businesses, and building up a rack of volunteer work.

Hilary is a connector and networker, and aims to inspire people. Having worked with school students and undergraduates, she is  now taking other activity to support younger people, as well as continuing to be a “champion of the over 50s”. She believes in learning for all and in trying to make a difference.

Londoner Hilary worked as a Librarian in the ILEA (Inner London Education Authority) including  in a Hackney school, ran national and international education project with schools and colleges in British Telecom, turned entrepreneur and trained older people to use their computers, and in recent years managed several Over 50s projects for start up entrepreneurs at London Metropolitan University.  She is currently co-ordinator of mentors in London area for PRIME,(The Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise ) the charity for older entrepreneurs. 

Annie Scott-Horne Trustee

Annie has lots of experience in Education and works as a Nursery Nurse in a primary school. She has two children including a teenage son, so her interest in young people and their education is important to her!

'Let's Get Talking are doing vital work to stem violence and knife crime and the devastation it cause to families, friends and the community.'

Lee Hall Trustee

Lee is currently working for TfL on the Bakerloo line, working in scheduling. Lee has worked with young people for a long time, firstly as a senior play worker at a play centre in Islington with younger children and later working in a secondary school in Hackney, Stoke Newington School, as a faculty support assistant.

Lee attended Highbury Grove secondary school, then went on LaSWAP College in Camden to complete his A-levels and then studied Media Arts & Theatre Studies at Surrey University (St. Mary’s college) graduating in 2006.

In his personal life he is a big sports fan and have a keen interest in football, both playing and watching. My greatest achievement in sport was winning the world youth cup (Gothia cup) in 2006. Being from Islington Lee is a big Arsenal fan.

'Growing up & living in Islington my whole life I was excited and pleased to be asked to be involved in the Let’s Get Talking charity. I look forward to working with everyone.'


Hugh Mcgarrell Fundraising and Accounts Manager

Hugh has a BA Honours Degree in Professional Accounting from London South Bank University, is also an Accounting Technician, studied at ACCA - Kaplan Financial, with over 10 years of experience working in the finance and accountancy environment. Hugh’s fundraising experience include working as Community Fundraiser with the National Kidney Research Fund and in retail at Harris Hospice Charity Shop in Orpington.

As Assistant Treasurer with St. Mary Cray Country Market, Orpington Hugh had the responsibility for operating the market’s financial database and spreadsheet.

Hugh has over 15 years working in an educational environment with children 7 to 16 years old as Coordinator/Head and Tutor for Edwards Saturday School Tuition Centre and has a keen interest in the educational and social development of young people. 

Hugh was EGAR Educational Games and Resource” Bookkeeper/Accountant and would be responsible for merging of the two entities to create “Let’s Get Talking Charity”’ as the sole operating entity and would continue to oversee its financial activities. He is also very keen to support the Charity’s vision to improve the lives of young people.

Joe Allen Educator

Joe was brought up in Hackney and attended and finished primary and secondary education in the borough.
Being from a single-parent family of 4 children, Joe found myself struggling to find work after college so embarked on a journey of life on the streets to make ends meet. This experience taught him how to look after himself and found, on numerous occasions, that it can lead to criminal activity, imprisonment and death.
Joe realised carrying knives did not benefit him and decided to use his skills to teach younger people to stay away from crime by joining the Hackney Youth Service on a voluntary basis.

After completing an intense sports course in 1994, Joe joined Camden's Sports Development team and worked with youths with SEN issues. This led him to continue working with hard to reach groups via Youth and Outreach teams, enhancing his experience with youths and 'gang culture'. He now has over 20 years experience of working with young people and has sadly lost a lot of friends due to drugs, knife crime and suicide.

'I am deeply passionate about the safety and education of young people in our communities, hence my reason for joining the Let's Get Talking team as an Educator. My aim is to bring my experience of how drug, knife and gang culture affected me and my family so other young people will not make the same mistake.'

He is currently coaching sports, refereeing for the FA and running my small Moringa products business along with his work with LGT.

Tony Dallas Educator

Tony Dallas is a freelance storyteller, writer and facilitator. He runs personal development sessions and workshops for both children and staff in schools, colleges and learning centres. He also runs poetry and story slams as well as drama and writing workshops for all ages. He is a Patron of Reading for the National Literacy Trust and the founder of Success Club: a bespoke intervention program set in both primary and secondary schools that promotes and develops essential learning qualities. Tony believes everyone has a story to tell: all we have to do is listen. 

'I love working with LGT because gangs and knife crime is real. I get to talk to young people about how it effects them and how they can become facilitators of change, directly in and around the communities in which they live.'

Claire Taylor Educator

Claire is a freelanceClaire is a freelance teacher and trained systemic counsellor and coach.

Claire has taught in a range of challenging mainstream schools in London. During this time, Claire has mentored and trained teachers. She has designed and delivered teacher training and coaching programmes that support the development of learning and teaching in schools and other additional education projects. Claire has worked with NGO Schools and international education projects to develop teacher training models and facilitate teacher development in developing countries. Claire collaborates with teachers, writers and poets to deliver creative learning sessions, poetry slams and writing workshops for young people.

Claire is particularly interested in providing young people with the skills they need to navigate their own way through life with success and well being. She designs and delivers sessions on conflict resolution, mediation and self development.

‘LGT provides young people with a safe place to explore some of the very difficult and real issues they face in everyday life. 'Every LGT session feels so vital and rewarding for everyone involved.’